How to use Data Wiper?

Check out how to use Macrorit Data Wiper in this page

How to wipe free space?

To wipe free space in Data Wiper is to wipe the both the unused space and deleted space on a drive or drives

Here’re the steps:

  • Click on the Free space only option
  • Choose a wipe plan from the security column
  • Choose a partition to wipe free space on it

Then click on the large Wipe Now button to continue.


How to wipe entire drive?

Wipe entire drive will spend more time than in wiping free space, so when files are all deleted on the target drive or when you’re about to wipe an empty partition, Wipe free space is a better solution.

Steps are almost the same like in wiping free space, but this time we click Entire drive or disk instead.

Then Data Wiper will ask you to confirm this operation since all data will be erased after the confirmation. So we need you to type WIPE instead of doing it in with the habit way of clicking YES.

WARNING : Unlike other data sanitization software require bootable media to wipe system drive,
Data Wiper is able to wipe C Drive without boot CD or USB, so be very careful with this function, please check if you have chosen the right partition to wipe before you click on Erase Now.


How to wipe entire disk?

Wipe entire disk, on the other hand, is to wipe all the partitions on the same disk, say, if you have C, D, E, these three drives on Disk 0, this operation is going to wipe all of them and make it unbootable since the system partition, the boot sectors too are wiped out, then the disk will become unallocated space, it cannot be used unless new operating system is installed.

Steps are exactly the same as wiping entire drive, we just need to click on the disk instead of partition this time and choose a wiping standard before confirmation. Since we built this two functions as one, so if click on partitions, the Wipe Now will be activated too, when clicking on the disk instead, the entire disk bar will be highlighted, you can see the difference instantly.

Disk 0
C: Drive
D: Drive
E: Drive

NOTE: Click Disk 0 or other disks to use the Wipe entire disk function. Avoid clicking individual drives.


How to choose wiping standards?

There’re five wiping plans in Data Wiper:

Fill sectors with zero:
All the sectors are overwritten with zeros
Fill sectors with one:
All the sectors are overwritten with ones
Fill sectors with zero&one:
All the sectors are overwritten with both zeros and ones
DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes):
DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes) is a three pass overwriting algorithm: first pass – with zeros, second pass – with ones and the last pass – with random data
DoD 5220.28-STD (7 passes):
DoD 5220.28-STD (7 passes), which first overwrites with 01010101. The second overwrite is performed with 10101010. This cycle is repeated three times. The final overwrite is made using random characters