How to use Partition Expert?

Check out how to use Macrorit Partition Expert in this page

How to Resize/Move Volume?

Resize/Move volume is the regularly used function in Partition Expert. steps are followed:

  1. Find a partition with plenty of free space on the same disk, e.g D Drive.
  2. Click on D Drive and click Resize/Move Volume, then in the next window, drag the left one inward to shrink it. Click OK to close the window, then this operation is pended.
  3. Click on C Drive and Resize/Move Volume again, then drag the handle on the right side to the end, then click OK to pending this step.
  4. Click Commit in the main interface, then Partition Expert will finish all the pending operations.
Shrink Partition
Extend Partition

How to convert NTFS to FAT32?

Do the followings in Partition Expert to Convert NTFS to FAT32 partition without data loss:

  • Right-click on the target NTFS partition and choose Convert To FAT32 .
  • Then click OK to confirm when the message: The program will convert this volume to FAT32, click OK to start conversion now

Then you can check the result in seconds and Partition Expert will reload the disk map to show to FAT32 partition. You can also check this in Windows Disk Management tool or, right-click on the partition in File Explorer then click Properties, to confirm the file system.

Convert to FAT32 in Partition Expert
FAT32 Converter

How to Copy Volume in Partition Expert?

Copy Volume is another key feature of Partition Expert, it’s an easy way of backing up and moving data from on drive to another. Here’re the steps:

  1. Right-click on the source partition and choose Copy Volume.
  2. Choose a destination unallocated space and click Next.
  3. Resize the source partition if needed and proceed.
  4. Choose a new drive letter and volume type, click Finish.
  5. Click Commit in the main window and wait for a while.

Note: Currently Partition Expert Doesn’t support to copy dynamic disk to basic disk.

Copy Volume

How to hide partition?

Hide partition in Partition Expert is an easy task, within few clicks you can make certain partition invisible in Windows Explorer.

Steps of hiding partitions:

  • Define which partition in the disk map you want to hide and click on or right-click on it.
  • Choose function Hide Volume from the guide bar or from the right-click menu.
  • Click Yes to the warning message:
    Hiding this volume may change the drive letter. Are you sure you want to hide the volume?

To unhide this volume, please run Partition Expert again and click on the hidden partition and choose Unhide Volume.

Hide Volume
Unhide Volume

Convert between Primary and logical

Partition Expert is able to convert between primary partition and logical partition without data loss. Here're the steps:

  1. Run Partition Expert and click Yes to the UAC dialog.
  2. Click on any primary or logical partition and choose Convert to Logical/Primary.
  3. Click OK to the confirmation box below and click Commit in the main window.
  4. Are you sure you want to convert this parimary / logical partition to logical / primary?

Note: The system partition cannot be converted, it must be a primary partition on MBR disk, so when you click on the system drive, Partition Expert will disable this function automatically.


How to Wipe Volume?

To wipe a volume is to wipe everything on the drive, it’s not just about the files references that the Delete and Format operation does, but also the content of data.

Steps of wiping a drive in Partition Expert:

  1. Right-click on the target volume and choose Wipe volume.
  2. Click Yes to the warning message and choose a wiping plan.
  3. Click Commit in the main window and wait for the report.

Note: Nothing can be recovered after wiped, so be sure to have important files backed up before click on the Commit button.


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