Move unallocated space

How to move unallocated space

Unallocated space can be used for extending partitions when low disk space alert happens to your server disk, but in the default Windows Disk Management tool, the Extend Volume option will still be grayed out even when unallocated space is available on the same disk, why? Because it's not at the right position, Disk Management requires continuous unallocated space to the partition you want to resize will it activate the Extend Volumefunction.

But the unallocated space we shrank from large sized partition in most of the cases is not always behind the target partition we intend to extend unless we creating unallocated space by deleting the continuous partition, which is the last thing we would do on Server disks.

Is there any methods we can move unallocated space without touching the rest of data?

Move unallocated space with Partition Expert

What differs this partition managing software from Windows Disk Management is the unique data moving technology built-in, and it differs itself from other same kinds is the speed it operates.

Giving the situation below:

  • There are 3 partitions on the server disk: C:, D:, and E: Drive.
  • C Drive and D Drive are in low disk space, E: has much free space.
  • Shrink Volume works fine on E Drive, but Extend Volume grayed out in C:
  • D Drive cannot be deleted, no spare disk for data backing up.

OK, run Partition Expert and click Yes to the UAC dialog and we'll extend this C Drive with ease:

  1. Click on E: Drive and choose the function Resize/Move Volume from the sidebar.
  2. In the resizing window click and hold the handle on the left side, then drag it inwards to shrink this partition.
  3. Click OK when created unallocated space in the preview of mini-disk-map is enough.
  4. Now in the main disk-map, the unallocated space in right behind D: Drive, so we click D: Drive this time and click Resize/Move Volume again.
  5. Hold and Drag D: Drive to the very end of the bar and you can see the unallocated space in the mini-disk-map is moved from the end to the head part of the bar. Click OK to close this window.
  6. Click on C: Drive and again Resize/Move Volume, then drag the right side handle to the end and C Drive is extended in the preview.
  7. Now, there are two pending operations listed and we Click Commit to extend C Drive.

Steps may looked complicated, but operates are really easy and fast, within few clicks, we have the system partition extended and solved the low disk space warning problem at the same time.

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Steps of moving unallocated space

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