Cancel-at-Will technology

What is Cancel-at-Will technology

To be more specific, we can call this function as: Cancel at will without data loss.

Resizing partition requires a specific volume of free space to extend or shrink partition, you can use the handles on each side within the resize window, or you can just simply type in some number to define new partition size, anyway, it’s manually operated, so you may change your mind before it’s actually finished.

But the resizing job is started and committed, the only available button is Cancel, which may not even be available in other partition software, so you may ask:

Cancel resizing progress without data loss

Can I cancel this operation? Will my data loss during the moving process?

Yes, you can cancel it and No, data will not loss even after you cancelled it.

Why? Because of the unique data moving algorithm in Partition Expert, we only deal with the free space on the hard drive; the existing data will not be touched. That’s why we set the Cancel to be active at any time even when this program is resizing your partition.