Delete volume VS Wipe volume

Delete volume VS Wipe volume

In Partition Expert, there're two functions looks alike: Delete Volume and Wipe Volume, both of them are able to clean data but in a different way.

Delete Volume

Delete Volume is to delete a partition, to be more specific, it is to delete partition table, and all the files and folders references.

Data on Deleted partitions can still be recovered by any free data recovery software.

And Delete Volume is a fast way of creating free space and unallocated space. Delete Volume function in Partition Expert works the same as Delete function in Windows Disk Management.

How to delete volume in Partition Expert?

Steps of deleting volume in our program are easy, but if you're about to create free space, you can use the Resize/Move Volume function to do so if other partitions have enough of unused space. If not, here's how it works:

  1. Run Partition Expert and click Yes to the UAC dialog.
  2. Click Delete Volume after clicked on the target partition.
  3. Then click Yes to the warning message and then click Commit to make it work.

The deleted partition will show as unallocated space on the primary partition, which is blue, and free space on an extended partition, which is green. Now you can either create new partition on it or extend low disk space partition with it.

Wipe Volume

Wipe Volume, on the other hand, is to overwrite the partition beyond recovery, this function is widely used when you want to clean everything off the hard drive you want to sell or donate so that no one can access your private data with any other programs.

But if you only want to create some free space for system drive or other partition you want to extend, it's better to use the Delete Volume function instead, which is faster than Wiping.

How to wipe volume in Partition Expert?

Run this program and right-click on a partition you want to wipe, then choose Wipe Volume from the menu, and then a warning message will show, click Yes to it if there's no problem with it. now you can see there're five kinds of overwriting methods:

  • Fill sectors with zero (Quick)
  • Fill sectors with one (Quick)
  • Fill sectors with zero&one (Quick)
  • DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes) (Very slow)
  • DoD 5220.28-STD (7 passes) (Very slow)

The first three methods have very much in common, all of the are one-pass overwriting and fast, but fill sectors with different characters.

The 3-pass DoD method is often used by some companies and universities, who have strict wiping rules for old hard disk drives. It will take longer time than 1-pass methods and was considered to be unnecessary in most of the situations.

The 7-pass DoD algorithm is another government standard, which overwrites the partition for 7 times and will take even longer time on large capacity disks. It is not a home users option either.

So after confirmed your wiping method, click OK to proceed, then click Commit to wipe this volume.

What's more?

The Delete Volume function cannot be used on system drive or boot partition when you're not booting into the WinPE Partition Expert. It will hide itself when the partition you clicked in system partition.

The Wipe Volume function can wipe system partition in Pro and above edition even if you're not booting into WinPE, that's the unique technology we have, we don't need the bootable media to wipe system partition. So be very careful of using this function, if you clicked on this function accidentally, we'll show a warning dialog, and if you can click on, we'll ask you a choose a wiping plan and then type the keyword "Wipe" to continue. We thought that's enough to prevent mis-clicking.