Roll-Back technology

What is Roll-Back technology?

Roll-back is a technology to protect data when emergency situations happen.

For example, when you’re resizing, extend C Drive, common Partition Managers will fail when you turn off the computer by force and you’ll lose all your data related to the resizing operation, Data in both D Drive and C Drive.

But, with the Roll-Back technology, Macrorit Partition Expert won’t harm your data, even when power off happens, Partition Expert will just cancel the operation and undo everything even during the resizing progress, so data on any drives stay intact.

Cancel resizing progress without data loss

We can understand this better if we know how extending C Drive works, here’s the theory:

  • Shrink D Drive or other partition with plenty of free space.
  • Move free space from the end of D Drive to the head of it, or just shrink the head area instead of the end area in step 1 and you can skip this step.
  • Extend C Drive with the free space we shrank from D Drive.

That’s how the resizing operation works, as we all know that the Shrink Volume function in Windows Disk Management, the default partition manager tool, create free space after partitions, so if we want to extend the partition ahead of the large partition, we can't, because there are no functions like ‘move’ in it. Unless you delete the entire partition and make it all to free space again you’re allowed to use the ‘Extend Volume’ function, otherwise, it will gray out.

When shutting download the computer by force or from accident, the data transferring steps will be affected, that’s why other partition managers will fail. In Partition Expert, we also have that step, but we enhanced that step with our unique technology.